1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Sunday, March 8, 2015

A trip to Target yields a repack and some cards I actually need

We switched our prescriptions to Target which may be a bad thing as it will "force" me to visit the card aisle more. The last trip I picked up this goody.  A few weeks I ago I went in and saw this and one with a Topps' Heritage Bob Gibson. Alas, I picked up neither and upon a return trip this was the last one so what the heck.
For once I was able to add some Cardinals' cards to the collection as well as pick up some interesting cards I wouldn't have bought any other time, such as a 1989 Matt Williams Minor League ProCards, Arthur Rhodes 1991 Line Drive Minor League-I think I actually have his auto some place.
A great Upper Deck Jake Peavy photo-not sure I will keep this but it is keepable. 
A 2006 Topps Kelvim Escobar red back, and a player with perhaps the best name ever-Wonderful Monds.
Thankfully there some Redbirds in the pack-2008 Topps Update Chris Perez, 2009 Topps Jason Motte, Matt Holiday when he was with the Rockies, 

and  a Minor League Redbird.

The most interesting  cards in the pack are the 1998 Upper Deck Fan Fest Lou Brock and another Lou Brock that appears to be just another junk wax card but alas it isn't-can you tell the difference? I have went through a number of this card and never found the "error" card.


  1. I had to go Google the variation wow that's a small error.

  2. I'm with John. Very small error.

  3. I imagine they corrected it-but it is smal