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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year to all and a grading of our 2014 collecting goals

I hope everyone had a great New Year and Holiday Season. Christmas was great but I am still feeling under the weather from New Years Eve day. We spent 7 days in San Diego at my in-laws enjoying copious amounts of SD Beer (visiting breweries is another passion of ours) and SD burritos, which are the best IMO.

Time for a recap of 2014 collecting goals.

Goal #1- Set a budget and stand by it.

This I give myself an D for effort and an F for results. I failed to do this and I hope to get better in 2015 so this will be a 2015 goal as well.

Goal #2- Add at least 200 pre-2014 Yadi cards to our collection.

I grade this as an A for effort and B for results. We were able to add 157 pre-Yadis to our collection. Though there are several hundred pre 2014 Yadi cards we need. Seems to me that locating these has been a challenge and at a reasonable price even more challenging. We are talking about base cards, parallels, inserts, etc.

Goal #3- Pick up most of the 2014 Yadi cards for our collection.

I grade this as C in effort and results. This was a serious challenge in large part because of the number of new Yadis in 2014. There were over 200 new Yadi’s in 2014 and we added 75 of these. Topps Tek and high end Topps releases but the nail in this goal’s coffin. Another factor was the, to me, outrageous prices of 2014 and pre 2014 Yadi cards were demanding on EBay and COMC.

Final 2014 Yadi card of the year. Topps Update Jose Molina SP Photo Varition Yadi

Goal #4-Attend at least 2 card shows (haven't done so since I was 16)

This was for the most part successful as I was able to attend one show. So this is a solid B+ in effort and results.

Goal #5- Sell cards on COMC and Ebay.

This was an incomplete grade as I studied for my exams the last 5 months of the year and didn’t have a chance to do this prior to then.

Goal #6- Make trades with other collectors.

This is A for effort and results. I was able to do this and will continue to do so. I have been saving cards for other collectors now I just have to send them out. Andrew your cards will be on the way soon.

Goal #7- Buy one T206 Cardinals or Browns card from the way back.

I grade myself an A for effort and results as I did pick up two 1940 Playball Cardinals-Mort Cooper and Mike Gonzalez for our collection.
Goal #8-Have Fun!

A grades all the way around-I have really enjoyed 2014 in terms of collecting though I may not enjoy organizing them!

Last card added in 2014
Ray Lankford 1999 Flair Showcase ROW 2 #60 St. Louis Cardinals


  1. Considering how busy you were it sounds like you did pretty well.

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  3. Very true-but now I have no excuse not to work on honey dew lists :).