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Monday, January 19, 2015

An Oddly Healthy Big Mac Oddball

We have all seen them, those oddball cards that throw us for a loop.They aren't found in most catalogues, if they are found at all. No not those pesky junk wax era issues but the more obscure oddballs. I am always looking for a "deal" and when this popped up on Ebay I put a moderate bid of $1. I ended up getting it for less than that with free shipping. I think this is an appropriate posting since I have a dentist appointment in the morning. I don't see a date but I would assume it was issued between 1998-2000. A quick Google search failed to turn up any information on this issue nor an other cards. Ta da.

This is the description from the seller. "During his St. Louis Cardinals years Mark McGwire worked with the Alliance of the American Dental Association with a grant from Oral Health America and the Foundation for Dental Health Education to produce a collector card promoting oral health.  McGwire's father was a dentist and it apparently was through that connection that this card project was initiated.  

I am a dentist myself.  I originally purchased a package of these cards from the American Dental Association for distribution to our young baseball conscious patients. 


  1. yeah right, the irony. I have also noticed that my English lately has apparently went south.