1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Even my wife beat the odds

Been a long few days with work as we prepare for accreditation next week. So to pick me up my thoughtful wife picked up a fat pack and one of the three pack Allen & Ginter rack packs. My wife doesn't usually buy me cards because the card aisle can be a little overwhelming and confusing. I will spare all of the cards that she was able to beat the odds with because GAC 9 is here. But other than pulling this Luke Weaver card-and the only Redbird pulled the "value pack" pack provided me with the only Reds player I like and a full size game used/relic at that! She beat the odds at 1 in 61 packs! Great job honey!

On a side note-I have not said much about the Redbirds or should I say the Baby Birds who have been making a climb in the standings. I started to watch them again when Paul De Jong was brought up. He is exciting and I think with the other younger players-they are fun to watch-will they go all the way? Doubtful, but the young guys aren't too intimidated. Good news is the Giants suck so Redbird tickets for their Labor Day weekend will be cheaper.


  1. You should have your wife pick all of your packs. Congratulations on pulling the Votto!

    1. thank you-I have a run of luck-must ride the wave!