1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Sunday, August 13, 2017

9th Annual GAC has begun-but wait what is this?

OK, I have been waiting patiently to bust my A&G box for this year's GAC. So, it is done, I have busted my box, and boy oh boy was it fun. However, before I get posting my packs I am waiting for a couple of scoring clarifications from the Comish. Why do you ask? If you do ask, as I busted one pack and then another, then another it confirmed that I indeed had a foil hot box!!!!! Yep, every full size base card is a foil parallel (I grabbed this image from the Bay). This is what these look like. I am hopeful there is a bonus for this. I am sure the Comish in his wisdom we provide a generous allowance for these.


  1. Foil hot box? Nice. Congratulations Brady!

    1. thank you-I am starting think my luck may not end for a few more weeks!