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Friday, March 31, 2017

Show me the Money

I have been a little on the down low lately. My mental energy has been zapped by work, however, I would be remiss as a Redbirds and Yadi fan not to address his very recent announced contract with the Birds that makes him the most highly paid catcher in MLB. Yadi and the Cardinals reportedly agreed to a three year deal that is between 55 and 65 million. Yadi really helped himself with his performance in the WBC. SO yes I am very happy. I am not sure I could take him in another uniform which may be the case in three years but then again he will be 37-and not sure that it is realistic to expect him to have much market demand after that. SO smile Yadi you deserve it!


  1. I am guessing they will announce the extension on Opening Day. Glad they did not have to go through the Pujols circus again. $20 million a year may seem high, but he provides so much more than what the stats show.

  2. I agree-though he seemed to have given the Birds an ultimatum, you never know how much is BS-next couple of years Carson Kelly will be ready, I hope.

  3. Wait. He's getting paid more than Kurt Suzuki? Wtf? Congratulations bud!

    1. What a hoot! Are you going to Tristar?

    2. Not sure yet. I'm not a huge fan of the TriStar shows. I might go if my buddy can get me a pass. But I'm not even sure if free admission is enough incentive to go.

      By the way... I've got a nice pile of stuff for you. If you're ever in the San Jose area, let me know. Maybe we can grab some eats and I can pass the stuff off to you. If not, no worries. I should be at Serramonte in June.