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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

1970 Cardinals' Football Cards-Dawn of a New Decade

I thought I would go to a two-season combo on the cards of the defunct Football Cardinals-since first, nothing changes for the most part from season to season for the Big Red, second, I didn’t realize how long this would take, and lastly it is about the cards. Perhaps next time. Boston Patriots linebacker John Bramlett (57) tackles St. Louis Cardinals running back MacArthur Lane (36) for a 2-yard gain during a game in St. Louis on Nov. 8, 1970. (AP PHOTO). Love the Falstaff add-Falstaff out sold Bud in the STL till the Mid-70s when the brewery closed.

1970 Big Red another season not reaching the post season-their record was 8-5-1. This team had no rookies of note.

Topps remained the only real player in football cards with 1970 seeing the debut of one of the most popular oddball sets-Kellogg. The 1970 Topps issue was put out in two series with the second being a little more expensive. Each series had a distinct insert. The fronts had a round photo of the said player in a posed action shot. The photo was framed in brown with a pennant with the player’s name and team and the player’s position in a football.

The reverse was in an attractive horizontal layout with a pinkish/orange color and three purple boxes with card number, mini-player bio, and cartoon about the player. This issue contained 10 Cardinals plus inserts.  This issue contained rookie cards of Rolf Krueger (DT/DE), and Chuck Walker (DE).

Series 1 packs contained a poster (Larry Wilson) as an insert. Series 2 packs included the highly collected Super Glossy (Jackie Smith) inserts. While the posters are blah the Super Glossy cards are very nice. The fronts were very colorful in late ‘60s trippy colors, a large player picture, with name, team, and position on front.

Topps also issued a separate Super set that were very much like their baseball Supers. Nice full bleed photography, player photo and facsimile auto.

Nineteen-seventy was a good year for oddballs-for 1970 brought us the first Kellogg’s cards-Larry Wilson and Johnny Roland represented the Big Red.

Not sure how these were issued but Chiquita issued football Team Logo Stickers in 1970-yeah I guess not technically a card.

Score card- 9 of 10 Topps Cardinals, 0 inserts or Topps Super, 1 of 2 Kellogs, and no Chiquita.

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