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Monday, November 16, 2015

Been too long-my friends too long

Indeed, it has been a long time my friends since my last posting; the Royals won a World Series that doesn’t need an asterisk-congrats boys in blue,
Yadi won yet another (8th straight) Gold Glove

and Jason Heyward won his first, and I hope not last, Gold Glove with the Redbirds
, Lance Lynn had TJ surgery-WTF
, Ray over at All Cards All the Time sent me a fantastic 2014 Topps Tek Ron Gant
(as a Redbird) auto-thank you Ray!, reader Jim some extra 2009 Topps T206 cards to get closer to completing that set
, some a@# hat totaled our Jetta VW (I am banged up but I will be OK)
, which means I can’t attend the card show later this month that Jim turned me on to, and some other a@# hats murdered a bunch of folks in Paris.


  1. Glad to hear you're okay. Hope to see you @ Serramonte in 2016. I just put together a bunch of packages for people... and have some Cardinals set aside for your PC.

    1. thanks partner will be there looking forward to seeing ya

  2. The San Leandro card show is Nov 28 (Sat after T-giving) if you and the Jetta are healthier by then! Recover quickly!

    1. thank you Jim Jetta ia a total-if get car by then I will mos def' be there