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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Thrift Store Bobblehead, or AKA Voodoo Doll for My Office

I rarely take a lunch at work-when I do it is usually every other week when I have to drive to South San Jose for a meeting with the County of Santa Clara. Nearby there are two thrift stores, really three,  that I try to stop by. These aren't really that fruitful as these are also the haunt of Cardboard Icons. This day was almost a bust but alas on the way out I spotted something I had to have. A little background before I show ya.

There are three SF Giants I despise. The first is the third but actually the easiest one to guess. Yep, Barry Bonds.

Whom is #2 you ask? Chili Davis
Why Chili Davis? He referred to the STL as a "cowtown." really?  Let us see who wins the cowtown award. shall we-SF has the
which is so big it can hold a Tristar show and Hempcon with space left over. St.Louis had the Arena, later called the Checker Dome where the Blues played, OK, it is very large. But it is no longer. However, the Cow Palace lives on-in San Francisco.

#1 Giant I despise-Jeffery "Hackman" Leonard, or "Wingy" as Whitey called him. The look on his 1985 Topps' card says it all. Why do I despise this numbskull? Watch the video for the clue and read this Article for a great look at the 1987 NCLS 

So what was the "find"? Ta Da-
Only a tasteless organization would put out a bubblehead with, you guessed it, "one flap down" .
So why would I buy, with our hard earned $$, this idiot's bobblehead? 
Because every time I start to not dislike the Giants I can look at my voodoo doll and remember the sweet victory in the '87 NCLS and why I must continue disliking the Giants. 

What did Whitey Herzog do about this numbskull?

Herzog remembers it well.

"'Wingy' (as Herzog called Leonard) was bouncing around those bases," said Herzog. "I had gone up to Forschie the day before and said, 'You pitching tomorrow?' Forschie didn't say anything but the next day he hit Leonard right in the butt. That kind of put a kibosh on that stuff a little bit. It might have been a turning point."

What happened in Game 3 the next day?

Giants, playing at home, took a 4-0 lead after three innings, with Leonard homering for the third time and flapping for third time. Veteran Bob Forsch, relieving, had seen enough and hit Leonard with a pitch the next time he batted. All but applauding, the Cardinals rallied for six runs in the sixth and seventh, with Jim "Lucky Lindy" Lindeman homering for two runs and Coleman singling in two more. Todd Worrell posted a three-inning save.

Game 3 • Cardinals 6, San Francisco 5

There you have it. Not bad for $6.


  1. I remember watching the NLCS in 1987. I always remember a sign one of the fans had in St. Louis : Who Needs Hack Man when we have Jack Man? Drop me an email, have something you might be interested in. ray@dollsconcrete.com

  2. You know Gibby or Doc Ellis would fixed this too. I watched the Doc Ellis documentary recently and what a great story and guy. Sadly I has no idea he passes so I was so sad at the end.

  3. Great find! South San Jose? Do you ever go to the Goodwill on Santa Teresa and Bernal?