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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

All St.Louisan All-Star Team

A quick post today-I will be posting some great cards sent by reader Dave and Nacho Grande’s Archives group break as well as whatever I pick up this weekend at the Serramonte show. Since I haven’t much interest in the All-Star Game, in spite of it “counting”, and I don’t believe fans should vote-there I said it. In honor of the upcoming All-Star game in Cincy I thought I would put forth an all St. Louisian All-Star team. These may not be actual official All-Stars but one player at each position (assuming there is one) from the STL.

Catcher- Joe Garagiola. (Career .257 BA, 42 HRs, 255 RBIs)  Joe played 9 years in the Majors most of which with his hometown Redbirds. Joe a childhood friend of Yogi Berra would make his name in sports broadcasting.  I couldn’t really pick between the two so we have a Co-All-Starr in HOFer Yogi Berra (Career .285 BA, 358 HRs, 1430 RBIs, and 13 World Championships). 


First Base-Ryan Howard (Career .264 BA, 345 HRs, 1085 RBIs, NY ROY, and 1 World CHampionship). Really the number one choice for First Base. Runner up-Nate Colbert (Career .243 BA, 173 HRs, 520 RBIs) He gets runner up status for sporting some killer facial hair and those ultra-cool old school Padres unis.

Second Base-OK, this is a stretch with his being born in Germantown, IL some 39 miles from the STL, but I have to go with HOFer Red Schoendienst (Career .289 BA, 2449 hits, 773 RBIs, 5 World Championships). As of this writing he still goes to the ball park nearly every day.

Third Base-Easy choice here. Bill Mueller (Career .289 BA, 2449 Hits, 773 RBIs, and 1 World Championship)

 Outfield #1 Mike Shannon (Career .255 BA, 68 HRs, 710 Hits, 367 RBIs, and two World Championships). Mike while a solid ball player is most known as the play by play announcer for the Redbirds. If you haven’t listened to him you should because he is of the old generation announcers-“Well, he did everything right to get ready for the throw, but if ya ain't got the hose, the water just won't come out”

Outfield #2 The first African-American on the Yankee’s roster, Elston Howard (Career .274 BA, 167 HRs, 762 RBIs, and 6 World Championships).

Outfield #3. Going with fan favorite here-Bernard Gilkey (Career .275 BA, 118 HRs, 546 RBIs).

Starting Pitcher-Easy choice here too, recent no-hitter and all. Max Scherzer (Career 99-55 Record, 3.44 ERA, 1444 Ks, AL Cy Young)

Runner’s up-Jerry Reuss (Career 220-191 record, 3.64 ERA, 1907 Ks, and one World Championship) and Ken Holtzman (Career 174-150, 3.49 ERA, 1601 Ks, and 3 World Championships).
 RP/Closer- Jason Isringhausen (300 Saves, 3.64 ERA, 830 Ks)

 Coaches-a tie here between Dick Williams (Career 1,571–1,451, and 2 World Championships), and Earl Weaver (Career 1,480–1,060, and 1 World Championship). Or course Whitey Herzog is from a little far in Illinois from STL to be counted.


  1. Great idea. I should do this for San Jose, Oakland, or heck... the Bay Area.

  2. you should it would interesting to know. I recently found out Globe Publishing was based in SJ. All those great minor league sets from the '60s. Maybe some where in town there is a stash of them