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Friday, May 1, 2015

Tired of Hearing About the Cubs' Young Guys

I can't take no more. I am listening to the Baseball Tonight podcast and Buster Olney is fawing over the Cubs' young guys, as he always does, in fact as the media does in general. Why are they so giddy? Yeah, I "hate" the Cubs but even a Cubs' fan is smart enough to recognize they SHOULD have the best young talent. Why you ask? Because they have sucked for so long they get the picks. Here are the overall draft positions of the Cubs for the last few years.

2010  #16

2011      #9

2012      #6

2013      #2

2014      #4
Here is the Cardinals' draft choice placement.

2010      #25

2011      #22

2012      #19

2012      #23

2013      #19

2013      #28

2014 #27 & #34
Which is harder trolling the lower draft slots for talent? Or getting the top 10 picks?