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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Better than a Blaster X-Rated Edition

Disclaimer Stop reading now if you are offended by anything X-rated!

A few weeks ago I was having a good work day and on an impulse I picked up a couple of boxes from Blowout Cards one of which was UD 2009 X. I just got around to opening the box and was mildly surprised how much I enjoyed it thus alleviating any buyer's remorse.

The set consists of 100 base cards, 100 parallel die cut versions, 75 Xponential X inserts, 45 Xponential X2, 35 Xponential X3, 25 Xponential X4, 15 Xponential X5, 5 Xponential X6, 85 UDX Memorabilia, and 7 Upper Deck X Signatures Autos.  Non of which are #ed and no odds are found on the wrappers, the box, and none on baseballcadpedial nor given in the Standard Catalogue. The cards are very attractive and really showcase the player.

Well how did we  do?

The box yielded 90% of the set-or 90 of the 100 base cards and no doubles. I received 24 die cut parallels, or one per pack each of which contained 6 cards. The box also yielded 8 of the Xponential basic insert, 6 of X2, 4 X3, 3 X4, 2 X5, and 1 X6. The "hit" I received was a Vlad jersey card. Since I already had the Redbird base cards I was hoping to pull a King Albert X6. Alas, no luck. This was a Randy Johnson hot box as it gave me X2, X4, and X6 inserts.

Overall this was an enjoyable $20 or so-I will certainly pick up the 10 missing base cards and any inserts I can get in dime boxes. Here are the highlights. Of course we will start off with the Birds.

The die cuts, Redbird Holliday, Miggy-just watched Miggy hit his 400th homer off of the Redbird pitcher Lyons. I love Miggy but I wouldn't be sad if it was rained out, Jake Peavy, and Randy Johnson.

The Xponential X inserts St. Louis native Ryan Howard, and King Felix. 

  Xponential X2 Holliday, Miggy (all Miggys stay in our collection), Berkman (with out much effort I have been accumulating several non-Cardinals cards of Lance), and another Johnson.

 Xponential X3, more Lance love, Junior, and more Miggy.

 Xponential X4, Ichiro, and yes more Johnson.

 Xponential X5, yep you guessed it-
 Now the "hit", Vlad-which may end up with our friend Beth who is crazy about him.


  1. Seeing the Big Unit as a Giant is always weird.

  2. I agree, I actually forgot he was with them till I pulled his card from the box.