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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Yadi card of the week #15

I have to admit I have a thing for, a crush so to speak on the vintage type baseball cards, Topps Heritage and Archives, Bowman Heritage, Fleer Tradition, Fleer Vintage, 2009 OPC, and Allen & Ginter. Can some one tell me what the difference is between Archives and Heritage?

The card I have chosen for this week is Yadie’s 2012 Topps' Archive #14. This card reproduces the 1954 Topps' look and feel. The front has an orange-red background with Yadie looking up to the sky at an awkward angle.
To his left is a mini action shot that recycles the same Yadi shot on other cards, lazy arses.
Across his chest is his facsimile signature. The Birds on the Bat is in the top right corner and his name, team, and position in the opposite corner, all framed in white. There is a parallel version in gold which is seeded at one in twelve packs, or two per box. The obverse of this card is also in the 1954 style and I love it.
This is what baseball cards are missing and probably explains why I am drawn to them. The top third of the obverse is in white and has a blurb about Yadi with his position and team in the top right hand corner. The opposite side of the back has the card number inside of a baseball with his name and bio and details such as height and birth place and year. The bottom two thirds of the card is in green with white text that contains his stats for the previous year and for his career, the totally cool thing is the cartoons below this which give two stories about Yadi. I can never get enough of those! All in all I really like this card, not so much the front even if it gives me a full on Yadi headshot, but for the back which is colorful, informative, fun, and easy to read which makes me think of the cards from my youth-no I wasn’t around when the originals were issued. So this year's archives release at the end of this month I am eagerly awaiting my box to arrive.

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