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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Budget Season Sucks, but not these Gems

Since before our trip to ABQ budget season at my agency kicked off and since my return it has begun to crest-I haven't had the bandwidth to write. A few days ago I read an article on the 1910 Murad Tobacco Non-Sport Colleges and Universities set. Although I am not a non-sport collector the T51 1910 Murad cards are vintage pre-war design goodness and they spoke to me.
Murad was a brand of cigarettes from the Lorillard Tobacco Company. They were named Turkish because they used Turkish tobacco-as a non-smoker not sure if it is a premium type.  The cards were issued in 1910 in packs of Murad smokes. They are 2-1/16" x 2-11/16" and consist of a total of 150 cards divided up in  "series" of 25. The issue covers nearly every male and female university and college in the US and Canada at this time-at least it seems like it-Albright Lions anyone?

The fronts are a textured paper with gilt print with a white border framing the institutions' seal, a pennant with the schools name, and sometimes a person-always a guy- playing a sport-is horse riding a sport? For #s 1-25 the front indicates "College Series 1 to 25, 2nd Edition" Not sure what the first edition is? The successive series indicate "College Series X to X".

The backs are pretty straight forward-an alphabetical listing of the cards in the particular series. Some have a stamp indicating the number of the employee who packed the box. Which I think is pretty cool. The key is to make sure the stamp doesn't affect the printing.

The T51 cards are very reasonably priced-with excellent copies going for about $5-for some schools, Michigan? Can go for much more. I picked up three-and will pick up others here are there-spending a max of $6 per and in no big hurry. If you aren't picky I have seen lower grade copies going for a few dollars.

Which ones did I pick up?

Murad also issued these hecka cool cabinet cards (T6) in 1910 which were 25 in total and strongly resemble the smaller T51. Each could be had by sending in 15 Coupons from packs. There is a type two of the 25 cards-perhaps the font size is different. Murad also issued a set of University and College Silks.


  1. Great set. Own the Stanford University card... and thanks to your post, I just submitted an offer on a Marquette card... which will hopefully be accepted.

  2. Great, I am glad I could help out-will I see you at Tristar next weekend?

    1. He accepted. It's in really beat up shape... but I didn't buy it for investment purposes. My buddy will be there... but unfortunately... my mom is having heart surgery on Friday, so I won't be able to attend. Hope you find some cool stuff for your collection.

    2. I hope all goes well with your mom, my father in law had open heart a couple of years ago and though much better it is difficult to see your loved one in such discomfort.

    3. Thanks bud! Her procedure is through the thigh, which is much less invasive. The success rate is really high, but I figured they could use the support.