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Saturday, June 3, 2017

Box o' Fun 2014 Prizm Perennial Draft Picks Déjà Vu All Over Again

OK, As last year I will not be able to make the June Serramonte Mall Show-but don't you worry I will be having a good time up till then. I could probably make it Sunday but I would be wiped out. So, I picked up three inexpensive boxes-one of which was another 2014 Panini Perennial Draft Picks which last time I beat the odds by pulling 4 autos instead of 3. How did we do?
I am not going to show the regular refractors-I did pull one base Redbird needed. Austin Gomber #43. The 23 year old left handed pitcher is currently at Double A Springfield (IL). Currently on the 7-day DL. He is 2 and 3 with a 4.08 ERA. Not sure if Mr Gomber will make it. However, the next Redbird I pulled from the box will make it and is currently on the 40 man roster.

Luke Weaver #27 Press Proof auto numbered #076 out of 199. Score for the BMan. Luke is on the Redbirds 40 man roster with whom he went 1 and 4 in the bigs in 2016 with an ERA of 5.70 . Now back down in the minors he is 5 and 1 with the AAA Memphis Redbirds ERA of 2.08-may be up before the end of the season, no will be up.
Miguel Sano #22 Minors Gold Prizm

Jake Reed MN #47 Orange Refractor #02/60

Jake Stinnett Cubs #43 Draft Class Red Refractor #019/100
Kevin McAvoy Boston #42 #42/100 Red Refractor #42/100
Scott Blewett KC #77 Powder Blue Refractor #27/199 Powder  Now the autos-yes I did get 4 again.
Tyler Beede SF Base Auto #14
Tyler currently at Sacramento AAA the 24 year-old right-handed pitcher is 3 and 3 with a 4.28 ERA-inflated since he is in the PCL
Kodi Medeiros Brewers Base Auto #12
Kodi Medeiros the 21 year-old left-handed pitcher is with the Brewers' Carolina A+ team with a record of  3 and 3 and ERA of 5.04
Nick Burdi MN Purple Refractor Auto #34/149
Nick Burdi a right-handed pitcher with the twins is currently with the double AA Chattanooga Sounds with a record of 2 and 0 and an era of .53.

Solid box-for less than the price of two blasters-not as many colorful refractors but solid auto pull. All non Redbird autos are up for trade.


  1. San Leandro show is June 17...hope you can make that one...with a visit to Quealy, Drakes, or 21A afterward!

  2. I wish I could but I am hitting Portland for beer filled week that day :). January my friend, we are there.

  3. Nice pull on the Weaver. I am guessing either he or Marco Gonzales will be in the rotation by July when Wacha gets hurt. Gomber reminds me off Tyler Lyons. This is the first year he has not been solid.

    1. I agree on Weaver or Marco-not really seen Gomber pitch-I had the bad "luck" of turning on Sunday's game at the exact time Wacha gave p his Haps homer-I bet the media vibe in Cardinal Country is sour

  4. The radio and TV announcers are starting to get on them. Even Mike Shannon who is the biggest homer of them all has blasted the lack of fundamentals