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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

TriStar Fine (the end)

I have a bad habit of not finishing a series of posts-I seem to get on to another subject and never go back to wrap the series up. So, I thought I would wrap up my series on the TrStar show last month. One of the goals I had was to hit some solid dime boxes-well there were bargains galore.  One dealer had refractors and other numbered parallels at 3 for $1. So how couldn’t I dig in? Again being a Redbird fan has its advantages when these boxes are available. I picked up several, 66 to be exact-including this Oscar Taveras 2014 Bowman Chrome Dueling Die-Cut Refractor and the same but Stephen Piscotty.
So walking down the aisles I came across a dealer that had, I would say was 50 5,000 count boxes-all sports, but I am only interested in baseball and I was in luck as they were organized by team!!!! Booya! So he had 3 ½ boxes of Redbirds at 10 cents per. Though I got a better deal since I bought nearly 650 cards-though ended up only needing 500 or so and this really included some really nice cards including nearly a full run of 1999 Fleer Tradition Stan Musial Monumental Moments inserted 1 in 36 packs I was able to pick up nearly all of them.
Also 2002  Donruss Elite Career Best Albert Pujols  #0450/1013 was had for a dime. I also had a good conversation, with aghast, a Cubs’ fan. I spent a solid hour at this booth and really enjoyed it.

All in all, I really enjoyed the show this year-I did notice that there were fewer dealers there-especially of modern wearables and SGAs. It was a thrill to have Reggie Jackson a few yards away taking time from signing autos to sit on the table and talk baseball. That was special and it was even twitted so you can see him below. OK, not sitting on table but looked like it where I was at. I hope the show isn’t on a downwards trajectory as this remains one of the few shows in this area.


  1. I would love to find a dime box sorted by teams. Most of the ones I flip through have multiple sports in them. Glad you had a good time.

    1. Indeed-I actually just give up. Eventually the doubles I found will make their way to you

  2. I hope this show bounces back. When the Giants are playing well... this show usually soars, because it brings in large crowds who are there for the autographs. Regardless... as long as Serramonte doesn't suffer the same fate, I'll be semi-content.