1966 Topps Baseball Wantlist

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Who knew? I Sure Didn't

Sitting here searching Google for interesting websites related to baseball cards-in particular vintage Bowman which I have a fascination with. In doing so I came across this website Free price guide for vintage baseball cards and the below information-taken directly from the website-credit given to such an excellent website. Underlining is mine.

"This is the Color TV set, the final Bowman-created card issue. Most collectors don’t know that this set was printed by Topps. Bowman, unable to keep on losing money, sold out to Topps early in the year.  Topps found the set ready to print with contracts signed, so they went ahead and printed them. Of course, they didn’t print as many as Bowman had planned to print. In fact, they only printed enough to fulfill their contract obligations, so these cards are scarcer than most collectors know. The whole set was a short print.

What makes them so sweet is that they can be bought for much less than they are worth. What makes them not so sweet is that they are nearly non-existent in mint condition, because the edges flake so easily."

Thank you for such information!


  1. Very interesting. If I wasn't already obsessed with the 56 Topps set... I might try to pick up some 55 Bowmans.

    1. I m obsessed with the 50 Bowman though you can't go wrong with the 56 Topps.