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Friday, September 4, 2015

GAC 15 Packs 13-15: A game, a correction, and a mega hit-at least to me.

Last weekend as a way to celebrate our anniversary we went to the Cardinals-Giant's game at AT&T Park.  The Boyz are warming up-Carlos Martinez can be seen third from left along the foul line.
The view from our Club Level seats-we splurged but we only see them every other year since the past two years they were making their visit in April and mid-week at that. 
Me having a brew after finishing off the $17 Dungeness Crab Melt-yeah, worth every penny. I was surprised to see an IPA from Bend Oregon's 10 Barrel Brewing (we visited the brewery on a trip there a few years ago) which I have not seen in the Bay Area.
A correction-the Comish has ruled that Mini Framed Buyback Black Bordered, or A&G backs are not extra points so I must make a correction to the point total for my Mini Framed Buyback (the box total below has been adjusted to reflect this).

Pack 13

Wong, Wong!, and a horizontal as well! FT +1
Mini Black Francisco Liriano +3 
Starting Points Altuve +2 
Carlito Beltran -1 for going to the Yanks 

Pack 13 total is +5
Box total +76

Pack 14

When I was reviewing the auto checklist one day chilling in my recliner I told my wife that if I couldn't pull a Yadi or another Redbird I wanted to pull this person's signature.  Read a little further to see whom it was.

Starting Points DeGrom +2 

Here is the best pull of my life and the one person other than a Cardinal I really wanted-crapy photo but I took it in the heat of the moment ............A Mini Framed Red Auto Julie Foudy #2/10 +22! 

I probably will not win 2015 GAC but in my mind I already did.

Pack Total =24
Box total 102

Pack 15

Menagerie of the Mind Dragon +2 
Mike Trout FP +2 

Pack 15 total +4
Box total 104

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