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Friday, April 17, 2015

New title for this Blog-at least for now.

I have been pondering a name change for sometime. As the focus of our collection has expanded to cover all Cardinals' cards including a few STL Browns I thought it made more sense to have the title reflect this. I hope this doesn't make the blog drop off the blog roll of folks. I will see you tomorrow at the Palace Fuji. Yadi is excited about the change.


  1. As long as the url doesn't change you should be fine.

  2. Thanks Matt-I am glad to hear

  3. When I came up with the name of my blog... I didn't take into consideration that I was going to focus on hobby related posts. I've thought about changing the name to something more cardboard related... maybe Chronicles of Cardboard... but just haven't done it.

    See ya at the show! Got a stack of Cardinals cardboard for you... just in time to honor the blog's new name.